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Our Professional Team of Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrants, Admin Staff and Booking/Event Co-ordinators are here for you 365 Days a Year, 7 Days a Week, to assist you with your Marriage Registration and Wedding Ceremony. It is our aim to make your day special in every way.
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PLEASE NOTE: As at March, 2020 - due to the COVID-19 Lockdown requirements - we are only able to offer half hour ceremony bookings ONLY - and there is a strict 'no guests' policy in place to comply with the laws. Ceremonies will be conducted with only the couple, the 2 witnesses and the Celebrant. Whilst we have chosen not to change all the wording on our website at this time - any references on our website which indicate that ceremonies are allowed more than two witnesses will only be valid once the 'number of guest restrictions' are lifted by the Australian Government.
Can I get married in less than a month? 
The short answer is – not usually. It is our job to adhere to all the Commonwealth requirements to ensure all legalities around marriage are met. However, there are some specific circumstances under which couples are permitted a ‘shortening of time.’ If you think you may be eligible, please call us to discuss and we will assist you with the information you require to apply for a Shortening of Notice through the correct Government process.
How long is the Notice of Intended Marriage valid for? And what if I still want to get married after the legal time has expired? 
The Notice of Intended Marriage is valid for up to 18 months after it is lodged. 
However - if you should still wish to be married after the expiration of the form, we will happily sign a new form for you - without a second lodgement fee - towards the end of the 18 months. Just call the office to arrange a new NOIM form signing if time is running out on your Notice lodgement.
Both of us can’t be there to lodge our Notice of Intended marriage, can one of us lodge it without the other present? 
Yes! Legally only one of you is required to lodge the Notice on the couple’s behalf. We ask that the details of both parties to the marriage are filled out at the time of lodgement, and that you bring along copies of the relevant supporting identification and 'proof of how the last marriage ended' documents with you.  We will require the other party to the marriage to sign the NOIM before the day of the ceremony.
I dont have all the answers required on the form. Can I still lodge this?
Yes you may still lodge the form if you havent filled out every single field, however - you will be required to have all answers and all documentation available prior to the ceremony taking place. If any part is missing the ceremony will need to be postponed until everything is completed legally.
Is it possible to lodge my Notice of Intended Marriage from overseas? 
Yes it is possible to lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage from Overseas. Download a copy of the Notice and then have it witnessed legally. Once this is done you may email a scanned copy of the form to us, or fax us (you would need to call us first), or mail this to us in Australia.  Its important to remember that if you send us a copy of the form, the marriage will not be able to take place unless you provide us with the original form at some time prior to the marriage ceremony.
Can I bring my own music? 
Yes! We encourage you to bring your own music and personalise it to your own style! We have an iPod dock which you can plug your playlist into (you will need one of your party to manage the start and stop of your songs), and we have a CD player which you can play your own CD’s on - although its best to bring a back up on a USB stick if you have burnt your playlist, just in case your CD does not play for any technical reason due to incompatibility with the deck.

Will I get Australian Citizenship when I get married? 
If you marry an Australian citizen, you do not have an automatic right to Australian citizenship. You will still need to apply for citizenship and satisfy the eligibility criteria. You can obtain further information from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website at
As a bride, I am planning to change my name to my partner's surname, so do I sign with my old signature or my new married signature when I sign the Marriage Certificates on the day of the wedding? 
The bride should sign the marriage certificate with her usual signature that she has been using prior to being married.
When can I change my name after the wedding? 
Any person who marries may choose to take their spouse’s surname. You are not legally required to take your spouse’s surname once you are married.

If you wish to take your spouse’s surname, you must obtain a certificate of marriage issued by your State or Territory Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. This is usually sufficient evidence to have your personal documentation (eg. driver’s licence) changed to your married surname.

The certificate you received on your wedding day is ceremonial and will not meet the identity requirements of many government agencies, such as the passport office.
What process do I need to follow in order to be married in Australia? 
In Australia, marriage is regulated by the Marriage Act 1961, which sets out the process for getting married and the legal requirements of a valid marriage.

1. A completed Notice of Intended Marriage form must be given to your celebrant at least one month (and up to 18 months) before the wedding.
2. You and your partner must provide your celebrant with evidence of your date and place of birth, identity and the end of any previous marriages.
3. You must both sign the ‘Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage’. By signing the Declaration, you declare that you believe that you are of marriageable age, and that there is no legal impediment to your marriage.
4. On your wedding day, your celebrant will solemnise your marriage. Your celebrant will then ask you, your partner and your witnesses to sign up to three marriage certificates forms/pages.
5. After your wedding, your marriage celebrant will register the marriage with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State or Territory where your marriage took place.
I want to have a 'family wedding'. Are children welcome? 
Absolutely! We welcome weddings with all members of the family, and especially children! We are known as Australia's 'family friendliest' Marriage Registry. 
Its probably a bit of a strange question, but can I bring my dog to my ceremony? Are animals welcome? 
Yes we get asked this A LOT! And YES you may bring your four legged friends along... just let us know that they are coming prior to the ceremony.
We also welcome weddings with literally ALL family members - including the four-legged kind! We have even had ceremonies with Bearded Dragons, Snakes and Cats attending with their beloved owners. 
What do I need to wear on the day of my wedding? 
You can wear absolutely anything you want to wear! That is a decision you can make as a couple. 

To give you some examples, we have had weddings with: couples dressed in full formal outfits and the full white wedding dress, couples in semi-formal attire, couples in their personal country of origin's traditional outfits, couples dressed in their business outfits (particularly for early morning elopements prior to heading back to work, couples dressed in military gear for a 'zombie wedding', couples in full fancy dress, couples in casual jeans and casual wear, couples in 'travelling clothes' on their way to the airport as they head off overseas for their ceremonial wedding, and just so many different styles. We encourage you to wear ANYTHING that makes you feel happy on the day.

Do we have to exchange rings on the day of the wedding? 
It is NOT a legal requirement to exchange rings on the day of your ceremony - so the answer is "No" - you dont have to exchange any rings unless that is what you want. You may choose to exchange one ring or two rings on the day, or no rings at all.
We dont have any witnesses that we can bring on the day of our elopement. Can you provide witnesses?
Yes it is possible for us to organise witnesses for your ceremony. There is a fee of $50 per person which is charged to cover  their travel and time for each witness. 
Our guests are not from Australia. Can they still be our chosen witnesses on our wedding day?
Yes they may be your witnesses to sign the legal paperwork on the day of your wedding. Witnesses are not required to be Australian residents or citizens, they may be from any country as long as they are 18 years of age or older. 


Melbourne Private Marriage Registry can be booked for your personal wedding ceremony at anytime, 365 days a year, including Christmas Day or any Public Holidays.

You can book your Melbourne Private Marriage registry ceremony to be legally conducted in one month from the date of signing your Notice of Intended Marriage. There is no additional fee for use of the Ceremony room (which can accommodate anywhere from two guests right up to around 30+ people).

PLEASE NOTE: As at 1st November, 2020 - due to the COVID-19 Lockdown requirements - we are only able to offer you ceremony bookings which comply with the current laws. Ceremonies in Australia may only be conducted with a maximum total of ten people - which includes the couple, plus the Celebrant, plus a photographer. Whilst we have chosen not to change all the wording on our website at this time - any references on our website which indicate that ceremonies are allowed more than ten guests will only be valid again once the 'number of guest restrictions' are lifted or altered again by the Australian Government.

Please refer to the costings on this Price list and the conditions in the Price Guide. All bookings are dependent upon availability. There are two separate payments for the services: Part One (Lodgment of the Notice of Intended Marriage) and Part Two (Ceremony Booking).

Part One: Initial Lodgment of ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ (Form 13) Paperwork

Lodgment of ‘Notice Of Intended Marriage – Form 13’ with authorised celebrant. (This includes any transfer of NOIM-Form 13 paperwork from another celebrant across to Melbourne Private Marriage Registry)

Initial Non–Refundable Lodgment  Payment                        *$150  

(*Full payment is required at the time of the signing the Notice of Intended Marriage, or when a transferred NOIM is received)

Part Two: Melbourne Marriage Registry - Ceremony Booking - Fee Schedule* (Additional cost to Part One fee)

*Prices listed are 100%  'all-inclusive' - including the Celebrant, all Legal Paperwork, as required by law, and use of our warm and intimate Ceremony Room (which can accommodate up to 30+ people).  Up to 30 minutes is allocated for your ceremony time in the ceremony room - except where otherwise stated. You will be required to bring two witnesses over the age of 18 years. You may have anywhere from just a few friends and family, right up to approximately 30+ guests, however we recommend booking in for extended time for your ceremony in a one hour ceremony if you wish to have anywhere from 7 guests to the maximum number of guests - as ceremonies with larger guest numbers usually run overtime and this will be billed in additional 30 minute increments. Please note - Extended time ceremonies will incur a celebrant's fee surcharge and must be booked in advance (see price list details below).

Please note - the Government issued final processed Marriage Certificate will be obtainable from for a small fee. Please check their site for details.

There are two separate parts you will need to make payment for:

1.     Payment One:     The $150 lodgement fee for the Notice of Intended Marriage.   This is an up-front payment and is non-refundable.

2.     Payment Two:     The Ceremony Fee, which is all-inclusive of the legal documentation, the celebrant, use of the ceremony room, and the conducting of the ceremony. There are many different options depending on the number of guests and which date and time suits you.


Marriage Prices 2020 updated

Full payment - in advance - is required at the time of booking your ceremony, in order to secure your preferred wedding date and time.      Early booking is recommended for popular wedding days such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

PREMIUM MAX** COSTINGS - INCLUDING the weekends surrounding these major days:    Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, Easter (Friday to Monday), Queen's Birthday, Anzac Day, Australia Day Weekend, Chinese New Year's Eve and New Year, February 29th, Valentine’s day & Valentine's Weekend, plus the weekend closest to these dates.


*Varying Re-schedule Fees (*this only applies to Part Two of the fee schedule)

~ More than 1 month before ceremony booking                                 No charge

~ Between 8 to 30 days before ceremony booking                                  $ 80

~ 4 to 7 days before the ceremony booking                                            $150

~ 1 to 3 days before the ceremony booking                                     Full payment due. 

*Varying Cancellation Fees (*this only applies to Part Two of the fee schedule)

~ More than 1 month before booking                                                  No charge

~ Between 8 to 30 days before ceremony booking                                  $150

~ 4 to 7 days or less before the ceremony booking                                 $180

~ 1 to 3 days before the ceremony booking                                     Full payment due.

~ Late arrival or non-attendance will incur the full booking fee. No refund will be due. A new time will need to be booked - at the appropriate booking fee or cost.

*Note: The Booking fee will be refunded within 7 days of written notice being received by the Melbourne Private Marriage Registry - Victoria, minus the appropriate listed cancellation fee. Receipt of such notice is deemed to be dated from the moment our offices receive the written notice. You will receive immediate confirmation from our offices as soon as this written notice is received.

*The Notice of Intended Marriage Form 13 must be lodged no less than one month before the proposed date of the ceremony, and no more than 18 months from the proposed date of the ceremony.

*All Premium costings include any Public Holidays which are not included in the Premium Max costings.

*All Premium Max costings include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, Easter (Friday to Monday), Queen's Birthday, Anzac Day, Australia Day, Chinese New Year, February 29th, Valentine’s day & Valentine's Weekend plus the weekends closest to these dates.

*A new day is deemed to begin at 6am on each day.

*All bookings are made in 30 minute segments. Any extended time in the ceremony rooms is costed in 30 minute increments. Half hour ceremonies are not usually available on Premium dates - except by prior arrangement with the MPMR bookings officer.

*Late attendance or failure to arrive for a booked ceremony will result in a cancellation of the booked time and the couple will forfeit the full booking fee. The couple will be required to book a new time at the appropriate booking fee or cost.

*All bookings are dependant upon availability. Early booking is recommended for popular wedding days such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

*Off-site Weddings are available at a higher cost.  We have access to over 20 experienced, excellent celebrants available for your specific requirements. Please enquire during business hours regarding our celebrant-client ‘matching service’. Price will be individually quoted upon enquiry.

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